Well I don't know about you but when i got my $1000/€900 I-mate JasJar last week I certainly wanted to do anything possible to stop it being stolen, So I came up with the idea of having a phone shell that has a bluetooth headset mounted inside so it doesn't appear that i have a JasJar, but instead a cheap old phone, in my case a Nokia 3330

What You'll need :

1x Bluetooth Headset ( I used an Opticom BT20HS that i bought from argos for €40/$48 )

1x Nokia 3310/3330/3390 (or whatever other phone you want)

1x T6 Torx bit to disassemble the phone

1x Tube of superglue

1x soldering iron

some wire (the thinner the better )

and of course some skills

Steps :

  1. Disassemble the phone and headset ( remember to remove unneccesary bits such as vibrator, ringer power connector pcb board)

  1. remove some excess platic so that the headset board and battery fit in

  1. Now remove the phones speaker and install the one from your headset, youll need to glue it in

  1. Now make some lengths of wire like 2 inches long and strip either end, then solder them to the positions where the microphone connects

  2. Connect the microphone to the other end of the cable and then glue in the microphone to where the phones original one was

  1. Now, you have to chip the power/hangup/answer switch off the pcb and solder in two wires in the switches place, then install a small pcb mounted switch under the menu button of the phone (yet more glue required) this is so you can actually answer the call as if this was a normal phone

  1. Now try and squeez this all into the phones case

  1. Now your done, you have to remove the phones back cover to charge the headset but the end result is quite good

Thanks for reading

-Stephen C